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The Symphony of Industrial Horns by Arseny Avraamov was created in 1922 and was performed in Baku in 1922 and Moscow in 1923.
The stage of performance is a whole city. The main instruments were industrial horns, horns of fleet and trains, cannon and machine guns, syrens, large choir, aviation and others.

This reconstruction is based on Mandate (1923) by Avraamov and was created by Sergey Khismatov in 2009. Original reconstruction was created for 8 or more channels around audience to imitate sounding surround of city.

The Reconstruction was presented in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, Kiev, Athens (documenta 14), Liverpool, Budva, London.
Arseny Avraamov conducts his Symphony in Moscow 1923
The first cannon shot from the roadstead (in about 12 o’clock) cues the alarm horns of Zych, White City, Bibi-Heybat and Bailov plants.
The fifth cannon shot cues the industrial horns of Product Management Azneft and docks.
The tenth cues the second and the third groups of Chernogorodsky district.
The 15th cues the first group of Black town and the sirens of the fleet. At the same time the fourth company of the Armavir courses of red commanders and the brass orchestra playing Warshavyanka go to the pier.
The 18th  cannon shot cues the plants of Gorrayon and the seaplanes take off.
The 20th cues the horns of the railway depot and the locomotives, that remain at the stations. Machine guns, infantry and steam orchestra, entering at the same time, get cues directly from the conducting tower. 
During the last 5 cannon shots alarm gets to the maximum and terminates with the 25th shot.  Pause.  Recall (signal from the Magistral).
Triple chord of the sirens. Seaplanes descend. “Hurrah” from the pier. Cue from the Magistral. “L' Internationale” (4 times). With the second half strophe the brass orchestra starts playing “La Marseillaise”. With the first repeat of “L' Internationale” melody the whole square starts to sing all three strophes of “L' Internationale” to the end. At the end of the last strophe the Armavir companies with orchestras return, met by “hurrah” calls from the square. During the performance of “L'Internationale” all the industrial horns and the railway station (depot and locomotives) remain silent.
Right after a joint triumphant chord, accompanied by cannon shots and bell-ringing, is played for 3 minutes.
Ceremonial March. «L'
Internationale” is repeated two more times at cues during the final procession. After the third (final) performance the sirens cue one more joint chord of all the horns of Baku and its districts.

Arseny Avraamov

“Horn” magazine, 1923

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