The Reconstruction of

The Symphony of Industrial Horns

The Symphony of Industrial Horns by Arseny Avraamov was created in 1922 and was performed in Baku in 1922 and Moscow in 1923 on the day of the celebration of The October Revolution.

The stage of the performance is a whole city. The main instruments were industrial horns, factory horns, horns of fleet and trains. Cannon and machine guns played the role of the rhythmical base. Among the participants was a large choir and brass orchestra, as well as sirens, bells, aviation and others.

Specially for this symphony composer constructed a huge instrument called Magistral. It represents itself an organ of multiple industrial horns

The reconstruction is based on Mandate (1923) by Avraamov and was created by Sergey Khismatov in 2009. Original reconstruction was created for 8 or more channels around the audience in order to imitate the surrounding sound of a city.

The Reconstruction was presented in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Perm, Kiev, Athens (documenta 14), Liverpool, Budva, London, Vienna, Munich.

Arseny Avraamov conducts his Symphony on the roof of Moscow Power Station, 1923

Order for The Symphony of Industrial Horns

By the first salute volley Zykh, Bely Gorod, Bibi-Eibat and Bailov factories enter with alarming horns from the raid.

By the 5th cannon - enter the 1st and 2nd districts of the Black City factory.

By the 10th "" entered the horns of the Commodity Department of Azneft and of the docks.

By the 15th "" entered the city district. Hydroplanes take off. Bells.

On the 18th "" enters the horn of the railway, of the depot and of the steam locomotives remaining at the station; (At the same time, the 1st company of the 4th Armenian Komkurs, led by the combined brass band and Varshavyanka, leaves the square for the pier). The atmosphere of anxiety peaks and ends with the 25th cannon.


Triple chord of sirens. "Hurrah" from the pier.

"Hang up" from the highway.

"International" (4 times).

In the second half-stroke, the combined brass band and car choir enter with the Marseillaise. When repeated, the entire area of ​​celebration joins them.

At the end of the 4th stroke, cadets and infantry return to the square, met with a reciprocal "hurrah" from the square.

At the end - a common solemn chord of all horns and sirens for 3 minutes, accompanied by a bell ringing.

"Hang up" from the Magistral.

Ceremonial march.

Artillery, fleet, cars and machine guns receive signals directly from the conductor's tower. Red flag with a white field gives the sign to the battery, yellow with a blue field gives the sign to the sirens, a four-color flag gives the sign to the machine guns. Red flag gives the sign to the ships, the locomotives and to the car choir.

The "Internationale" is repeated twice more during the final procession by the signal of the battery.

Arseny Avraamov, “Horn” magazine 1923

Arseny Avraamov near Moscow Power Station, 1923

reconstuction in St Petersbourg